Reinventing rainwear.

TERRA NEW YORK is the first fashion brand focused solely on rainwear. Terra New York is meticulously crafted to withstand the elements and, with two outerwear and accessories collections per year, designed for style & performance. Terra New York raincoats are 100% water proof, using heat sealed technic for the seams to stop water. 

TERRA NEW YORK features materials such as heavy TPU/ Urethane to provide structure to the waterproof raincoats and uses the same material in varying weights for hats, bags, and shoes. All raincoats and accessories possess unique technical details that allow the body to breathe and move freely.

The founders Yurika Nakazono and Marie Saeki began with one simple question: What can a fashion-conscious woman wear when it’s raining? Since necessity is indeed, the mother of invention, months of research followed, leading Nakazono and Saeki to launch their own head-to-toe chic rainwear collection.

What it means: TERRA NEW YORK stands for the numbers three in latin TER (2 founders 1 vision) and the METAR code for rain: RA(the most popular format in the world for the transmission of weather data)

TERRA NEW YORK gives you the liberty of style, rain or shine